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Team Douvris International members Ben Clarke and Nico Campagna of Canada would like to thank Juan Marroquin of  Marroquin's Team Kenpo Karate in Villa Nueva, Guatemala for the opportunity to provide  fun and martial arts instruction to boys and girls ages 8 and above at this local school.

As part of Douvris Martial Arts' ongoing community involvement initiatives, we are proud to provide Team members with opportunities to positively impact their communities both at home and abroad.  

By giving their time both for instruction and as positive role models, Team Douvris International  members hope to positively impact the lives of young people by reinforcing the building blocks of strong character and providing a sense of hope and excitement which will strengthen and lift up their communities and the lives of those they touch.   Team Douvris International believes in the strength of their communities and the power of giving back to effect change.  

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